Witness To Time Travel

This is documented because I, Richard Lee Hicks, am a victim of time travelers from 203 years henceforth that are in this timeline now to hide from another company department due to cocaine usage at XBOX Corporation and a subsidiary from their corporate back east and now located in Seattle, Washington USA and where I reside.

The time travelers are stalking me because of something I do in the future that I cannot say what it is because it hasn’t happened yet, and they lie a lot. I’ll just let it play out with uncertainty.

Some material here might seem unnecessary and excessive discussion for the objective to get them to leave this timeline, but this is my story about the problems they’ve caused me because of their problems. A major issue is I am just one person experiencing time-traveler problems so getting something done to prevent time travel is not worth the time for lawmakers to take seriously.

Keyword in the above: “evil” (begins pg. 19). This is long and about fictional movies, but the point is evil.

Another problem is whether their visitation is due to a time loop and/or a possible paradox which is an alternate timeline from what they knew. Think of the movie Groundhog’s Day. I hope that if so, the possible time loop can be broken so no other Richard Hicks has to go through what has and is happening.

The time travelers are dysfunctional due to drug usage and no supervision except to stalk me. However, I’m skeptical of much they said like where they’ve been historically and the satellite technology used for what they do, but absolutely they are always here stalking. They have mentioned some of what their timeline is like but for that now is another story. Hint: It’s nothing like their timeline near to the timeline of Star Trek The Original Series (beginning in 2265) that puts them to shame because of our sci-fi expectations. The cartoon The Jetsons (set in 2062) shames them also.

Washington State stalking bill HB 1383 would not help me now, although I provided testimony in 2013 to get it passed in Olympia due to another stalker in California (Patrick M. Takahashi) that stalked by proxy (phoning many others for surveillance and harassment) and I feel like a psychopathic stalker magnet. That stalker was a psychopath who I worked for in 1988 and the House Bill established a means to obtain a restraining order that did nothing to stop an obsessed person. He strangely left the picture shortly after the time travelers showed up. Was Takahashi there as divine intervention training for time travelers?

No justice for myself because time travelers cannot be prosecuted or sued, i.e., no precedent is established yet. Thus, a wishful objective is to get time travel outlawed and on the law books to make it illegal to discourage criminals and their company-supported funding. That is unlikely because no court case can be put on trial to initiate a law. So, I’m screwed and further injury will continue until they leave here or die (having extended life expectancies to ours from advanced medical care). I can’t expect their leader Ph.D. to retire before a successor is established, so it goes on.

Alternatively, getting media coverage to leave this timeline by humiliation out of desperation and if possible because here time travelers get away with illegal drug usage, addiction, and crime. I am frustrated because one media contact has been made and they have not contacted me as requested. A witness has also been confirmed and I’m working on more even as others have been told of this problem hasn’t come forth. A problem there is Buck influences people with lies.

Witnesses are needed and Buck lies to others he sees that I talk to and influences them and possibly the time travelers are seen as threats, but they are threats only to myself. The mentioned injuries are circumstantial evidence and cannot be proven.

Some of their names (if real) are noted here because they watch me edit this and likely do not like their names mentioned due to possible future contingencies.

How their stealth technology works to my best understanding is that time travelers are in a place that they call phase distortion or simply another dimension that their satellite technology puts them very slightly out of phase (0.003 cm) and by a very slight angle rotation to the earth’s axis. And if true time travel is accomplished by a satellite that simulates the rotation of the earth in reverse to spin the earth back to the time desired. Reversing the earth’s spin would require a great deal of energy and time (pg.2) if not for technology to simulate that.

They supposedly recorded President Lincoln’s assassination; President Kennedy’s from Oswald’s viewpoint; the Alamo, and other events that can be viewed in their timeline at their Smithsonian Museum. They have gone only where there is a known place and time so as to not have to wait and search around for events to happen. Although I do not know much about time travel, how difficult would it be to travel back e.g., to the construction of the pyramids or to ancient Greece or Rome to record the civilizations? Those timelines lasted hundreds of years. Their known travels have been only in the United States for some reason. If it is due to satellite orbit, then why not use other satellites or relocate the one in various orbits for historical world events? If the blood sites like the Alamo and the assassinations, that might imply in my future do I die or save lives?

The time traveler exposure manifested itself when at a fitness club an employee mentioned the time travelers from talking to stalker Takahashi or time travelers that followed me and there told him. I heard several voices in my residence before this and wondered then what was going on, which was confirmed when their existence was made known at the gym by staff. However, in days following my disclosure that I knew of their existence to them they appeared in approximately three or four 2/3-sized human figures made of different colored fluorescence-like lights one at a time over a few days as an introduction including their names. The leader Dave was yellow and held a briefcase of possible video recording technology with “XBOX” on it. None of them spoke. How they found me is unknown and why where I lived at the time because nothing was going on in my life. Then they took over the residence without permission from the rental owner including installing a fireplace that was a hologram or a real one appearing in their dimension, and a meeting room was revealed by opening the outside door that appeared when I turned on a previously dead light switch. I was afraid to go in because of the thought I would not return from their world. Those items later disappeared or were made inaccessible. Was this an illusion to create a publicly known “first contact” with time travelers for a historical site in a residential neighborhood having limited visitor parking? I believe their leader and Ph.D. inventor of time travel feels entitled to stay and continue to have a presence here.

Time travel first contact site

Buck is a cross-dresser transvestite, a.k.a. Mitzi to others tells me things due to his enormous ego. He is likely possessed by an evil spirit obsessed with doing harm and has claimed to be the Devil because of his own thoughts about his behavior of torment and admits he wants to destroy my life. Using their technological mind control Buck never shuts up and repeats the same trash talk over and over day after day as well as contradicts himself to confuse me and cover making mistakes that make him look stupid in attempting to appear smart. Also, Buck has told others that I’m racist which has caused problems when actually he’s a racist.

I have on rare occasions seen time travelers in this timeline (Brian installing the fireplace) or partial glimpses from their world that may be due to satellite technological error. However, not a technical error was once a human hologram just like a real person walked into me and passed through my body for the purpose of intimidation or to show off. Drag queen “Mitzi” was seen when I came home while she was shrinking and disappearing through a time portal.

From their stealth world, they definitely are able to speak (without mind control) and out loud to others and others and can use portals to go in and out of a timeline and rarely done here, but they have stolen several of my personal items including cars put in phase distortion for fun and knowingly getting away with it.

Caught! Footprints on the couch to or from a time portal in 2016.

I cannot emphasize enough how they have altered my timeline to do harm because of their known existence while being high on drugs, sometimes drunk, and cowardly physically damaging me due to being invisible. An analogy is kicking a wheelchaired person in the head for some permanent injuries.  Examples include assault to dislocate my left shoulder (Brian and Buck), breaking and dis-configuring my left foot big toe (Buck), and fracturing my right arm (Brian) among other less serious injuries like being pushed to the ground from time portals that sometimes-caused bleeding causing emergency medical treatment or hospitalization. Those medical and hospital records were stolen. Recently they began obtaining pet lizard-feeding roaches (Lennie) by releasing bugs in and out of portals mostly in the kitchen and bathroom for harassment, as well as spiders biting mostly while sleeping. It’s apparently fun to watch me kill roaches. SICK!

bullying with bugs

spider bites

A biological membrane was put in my cranium around my brain (in their dimension) while sleeping that is used for mind control by reading my brainwaves facilitating them to abuse, e.g., hexes (like a witch’s spell) to compel me to do things I would not normally do like inciting to yell at them and fight others in this timeline, and to “fight back!” at Buck. They are in my conscious at their will and definitely an invasion of privacy as well as trespassing into this world. Mind control is used to confuse me whether I hear my own or their thoughts and it rarely ceases while awake. I try not to think at all unless it’s necessary because the thoughts are repeated often by Buck as a show of power. This has caused great emotional distress at times because I cannot do anything about it while it is all great fun to some of the time travelers while high on cocaine. I have learned to control emotional distress with the attitude that Buck wants attention. I fight back from this now by remaining mostly thoughtless like a vegetable and giving them no attention. Buck regularly puts thoughts in my mind, or while talking nonstop to me, and tells others that I told him that and repeats it as something insulting e.g., “Rick Hicks said you’re ugly!”

Programmers of their future garbage technology and garbage programming earn their keep to maintain employment there with wand “weapons” that are multi-buttoned functioned and when pointed at me are threats. For example, they make me look stupid while I’m trying to solve problems. Recently the Ph.D. provided them with more advanced gadgets that facilitate harm. It is garbage technology because it’s intended for abuse.

God introduced Himself by voice or telepathy while I worked part-time at a religious and biblical bookstore in 1975-76 near the Seattle Public Market and wanted to look around inside.

God’s spirit was met here

Possibly, divine intervention showed how they look as they wear full-bodied, bulky uniforms. These uniforms were worn following the bio-membrane insertion. Buck (then “Mitzi”), Brian, and two others not wearing any uniforms were seen before the bio-membrane was placed there. Alternately their Ph.D. tricked me into believing it was divine intervention because the heard voice stating that’s how they appear in their world was not self-identified, and for their illusion of a suffering situation for his people (in “monkey suits” uniforms) due to my ongoing abuse and suffering.

These time travelers have their leader a Ph.D. (Dave) of an unknown job title, but my best guess is an engineer and as being a cocaine dealer/addict that keeps their loyalty by dealing cheap cocaine to coworkers to watch, hurt, and abuse me. Their original excuse was to hide from the competition (what! for time travel?). I am sure Dave does other work to earn his keep there, but as I see it, they have no legitimate reason to be here now other than to hide their cocaine usage. Other employees do dirty work for him. Buck has identified him as Dr. David Lee Crosby and surely a phony middle and surname, and Buck claims to know no other coworker’s last names except the Ph.D.

Most of these time travelers want to leave here and go home and many have quit leaving their dysfunctional organization. Buck claims they are an all-queer company and employ both sexes. I’m not gay and sometimes mistaken as that because of Buck’s mouth boasting about themselves and of my unwanted affiliation to them. No offense intended but that’s how it is. I’m reluctant to have a girlfriend now because she would become an unwanted stalking victim while with me. And how creepy is it for queers to watch me shower? My best estimation as a group, they have been here since 2013±1 year. What does not make sense is the House Bill for stalker Takahashi came in 2013 after their presence, and the time travelers will not confirm their entrance.

Buck is a self-omitted psychopath while they continually stalk in two work shifts even while I sleep, and apparently four employees a shift excluding the Ph.D. that is married to Buck. Perhaps that is why Buck is here and not in a mental institution/hospital even while Brian was apparently fired for his violent tendencies. Was Buck’s breaking my big toe bone, not violence?

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